Whole Yellow Peas

Whole Yellow Peas

  • Moisture – 14% max
  • Grain admixture – 3-5%
  • Trash admixture – 1-5%

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Whole Yellow Peas in bulk or Dried Peas for Sale.

Whole Yellow Peas are one of the most popular types of legumes. It is nutritious and well stored in dried form. Humanity began to grow pea beans several thousand years ago, and since then this agricultural crop has become one of the most demanded in the food market.

Peas were present in the Neolithic period. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, it, along with cereals, was a staple product in Europe and the Mediterranean, which, along with beans, balanced the diet of the poor in the amount of protein consumed, supplementing the carbohydrates of grain crops. That is, in nutritional value was approximately the same tandem as beans and corn among the peoples of South America. Today, peas are grown in temperate regions on all five continents, especially Eurasia and North America. But the best and the tastiest varieties are grown and produced in Ukraine where the climate type is the most appropriate for this kind of pulses.

Why pea is considered such a valuable product?

There are several reasons for this:

  • It is one of the leaders in plant foods for protein content. This protein is close in composition to meat proteins. But in meat, protein is 15%, and in beans — up to 30%.
  • A complete vitamin and mineral complex is retained in dried peas, including vitamins C, PP, A, E, vitamins B, potassium, iron and calcium.
  • Legumes are high in carbohydrates, however, they are mainly fruit carbohydrates (glucose, fructose), which ensures their absorption without the participation of insulin. That’s why beans are recommended to patients with diabetes.
  • Not only meat but also vegetable products can share iron with us. Half a cup of freshly boiled dried white peas (100 g) have 1 mg of iron and only 20 kilo calories.

But most importantly, dried field peas are available to everyone, they can be stored for 10-12 years without compromising its healing and nutritional qualities. And this applies to all its varieties.

Depending on the structure of the bean flaps, peeling and shelling varieties are distinguished. The first one of these varieties has a very tough and inedible shell. Such raw peas are collected, dried, husked and polished. Sugar peas are often sweeter, but they are edible only in raw or in conservation’s.

Our assortment of varieties of peas includes different colors of beans:

  • White peas.
  • Yellow peas.
  • Green-colored varieties.

All of them are available for purchasing on “Selprom” website.

The company “Selprom” is engaged in the production and sale of peeled and dried peas of the best varieties. We carefully monitor the quality of our products and select them according to very strict criteria.

  • In our dried beans, there should not be even the slightest presence of moisture;
  • Each pea must be loose;
  • The optimum size of peas is 6-7 mm in diameter;
  • Colour of peas should be the same;
  • The presence of dark peas is allowed, but not more than 1%.

When buying dried peas in bulk from us, you can see for yourself its high quality and compliance with all the above criteria.

Why Is It Worth Ordering Dried Peas in Selprom?

Ukrainian agricultural producer “Selprom” has already established itself on the global market for beans and peas. We not only sell legumes and grains but also produce them ourselves from the best varieties grown and harvested on Ukrainian black soil.

Since the main direction of our activity is wholesale, you can buy dried peas from us in any batch, from small to large wholesale.

Who will need to buy peas at Selprom?

Our customers can be any enterprise or company engaged in the production of food. Due to the nutritional properties of peas and the possibility of their long-term storage, it is excellent for the production of canned food, dry rations. It is also a sought-after product that will bring you to profit if you are the owner of a cafe, retail food store, restaurant or hotel.

Peas are also actively used in the field of public catering — they are included in the diet of meals in schools, hospitals, and canteens.

The affordable price of this product, which our company offers, will allow you to provide your production or business with dry peas at no extra cost. In addition, we are always ready for fruitful cooperation and offer our regular customers a flexible system of discounts. We have only best whole dried peas for sale in Selprom.

What Else Can We Propose?

We are not limited only to sale of whole dried peas, as many healthy and nutritious crops are grown in Ukraine, including yellow and white beans, and millet. It is these types of cereals and legumes that you can also order from us.



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