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Enterprise Selprom LTD is a well-known Ukrainian wholesale peas, pulses and beans supplier that specializes in the production of quality food products: prepared and processed cereals and legumes.

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Our technologies make it possible to obtain products of the highest quality, maximally purified from impurities or defective grains

We offer our customers a wide range of legumes and grains. In our catalog you can place an order for:

The specifics of our activities include the preparation, sorting, drying and packaging of grains and beans of various kinds. Among the main forms of goods, we produce regularly you can:

Purchase whole beans, pulses, lentils, and other legumes;

Buy split peas or chickpeas, prepared cereals - for example, buy hulled millet or pearl barley, wheat groats;

Order a batch of cereals: sorghum, corn, barley, wheat, oats.

In short we also constantly expand our assortment and supply lentils, yellow dal, food beans of various varieties, sorghum and other grains to Europe, Asia and CIS markets.

Through the use of modern equipment for drying and screening. We are increasing production volumes and striving to provide customers with batches of our products of any size. We should also mention the possibility of a flexible supply chain. So we will provide in accordance with your wishes.

Stay tuned for updates on our website to get the opportunity to order high-quality cereals and legumes from a leading vendor in Ukraine – Selprom.